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About Tyler Vandenberg

Tyler Vandenberg

Tyler is passionate about technology and creative problem solving. He is currently the Family Ministry Production Manager at North Way in Wexford, PA, supporting the production and creative needs of kids and student ministries. One of Tyler’s favorite things is getting to use the skills and talents God gave him in tech and production to give back to His Kingdom!

As early as elementary school, Tyler was helping people use technology to solve problems. In middle school, Tyler was busy with lighting design for musicals, school news broadcasting, and creating a makerspace for students to create. In high school, Tyler continued to work with musical production, in addition to developing software for his school and livestreaming school sports and other events.

At age 13, Tyler started serving on the tech team at his church. Over the years, Tyler learned many valuable lessons and skills that are instrumental in his role as the Family Ministry Production Manager at North Way. He is eager to share what he’s learning and working on in the church production and creative space.

Tyler worshipping at MxU Atlanta (2022)
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